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Bolder, Better Journalism

Plenty of journals today will give you the story at a glance, amid an advertisement-laden morass of kitschy headlines and bullet points before sending you on your way. World at Large believes in a better class of journalism, and in providing engaging content to a better class of reader.


Nuanced Stories For Classier Readers

A well-read, well-educated society deserves the chance to know the full story, unburdened by political biases and ulterior motives. World at Large won’t insult our readers by assuming their attention span is won or lost in an opening paragraph. We believe that as a culture, we have to get away from junk values in our journalism.

A Kind of Revolution

Podcasts are changing the information acquisition space, while streaming services like Netflix have changed the shape of broadcasting forever. With the honor of the written word in mainstream media plummeting further and further into an irreparable abyss, there has to be a demonstration that such honor remains. World at Large publishes stories which explore the world honestly, balancing context, empirical fact, literary expression, and nuance.

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Andy Corbley - Founder and Contributor

Lacking formal education or accreditation of any kind, Andy Corbley knew if he wanted to succeed as a writer, it would have to be born of his body of work. An avid world-traveler, Corbley exalts in the power of the spoken and written word to extract the truth concealed upon the pages of the roads less-traveled. He writes, because he must; because like a great sponge his love of learning and gathering knowledge can only be realized upon its release back into the world. His goal is to tell the story of humanity - not of hotel recommendations or restaurants, but the stories found in the nooks and crannies of the world’s far corners.

Read along as I travel the globe!