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A Top Tour Guide Through History: The Martyrmade Podcast

A Top Tour Guide Through History: The Martyrmade Podcast

Whether it’s the Cold War or the Trojan War, a great history teacher has to be a great storyteller. Darryl Cooper is such a storyteller – a measured, compassionate, unbiased realist. His show, The Martyrmade Podcast, takes time to tell a story the right way – with angle examined and no stone unturned.

His nearly 20 hour series on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a triumph of historical reporting; one that’s made all the more impressive  in a time when the last two decades have left the topic a morass of accusations and propaganda.

Cooper has that mysterious almost unteachable ability to place you square in the middle of some of the most charged situations in human experience. He slides your feet into the shoes of a Vietcong fighter, or a persecuted European Jew, and can somehow make you feel their struggles and tribulations.

If you’re a historical podcast fan, you’ve likely basked in the glory of Dan Carlin’s legendary iTunes chart-topper, Hardcore History, for several years now. Darryl Cooper is a worthy successor/competitor to Carlin, mirroring his tension and brilliant storytelling ability.

Like so many topics in school, the success and enjoyment of history class can sometimes depend entirely upon the teacher. Every historian acts like a guide, and a journey with Cooper will leave you with every ounce of context and nuance the greatest stories in history deserve.

“If I find myself unable to understand, even vaguely how somebody or some group can behave in a given manner, then that just means I haven’t done enough work.” – Darryl Cooper.

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